The Utah Museum of Fine Arts Joins the Blogosphere

Hello fellow bloggers! The Utah Museum of Fine Arts has joined the blogosphere and I, Brittany the technology intern will now be your informant on all that is happening at the UMFA.

I have heard before that every museum in unique, but UMFA seems, to me, more unique than any other museum I have visited. Not only does it serve as a part of the University of Utah, but the UMFA is also the official Utah state art museum. The UMFA has an incredibly diverse permanent collection, but also strongly showcases a variety of traveling exhibitions. Currently, the Museum is displaying an exhibition of their own modern and contemporary art titled Then and Now, which explores the relationship between art and society in the last five decades. Alongside Then and Now is the Splendid Heritage exhibition that provides insight into art of the old American West through both the eyes of the Native Americans as well as the European explorers, showing pieces of all media types from sketches of uncovered artifacts to original garments.

As a technology intern, I’ll be turning the UMFA totally Web 2.0! Look for us on all your favorite sites, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Delicious and Art Babble. I’m getting the inside scoop as to what goes on behind the scenes at an important artistic institution and I can’t wait to share it all with other art lovers like you!


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