Third Saturdays at UMFA

Hello there, my name is Nicole, I’m the new social media intern for the fall semester. I will be in charge of writing the entries for blog, Twitter, and Facebook. I’m looking forward to blogging with you!
Last Saturday, was Third Saturday. So what is Third Saturday? It’s an incredible activity that gives families an opportunity to see the UMFA for a great price: free! Funded by the Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts, and Parks Program, this event has been running for more than ten years, providing hundreds of families the chance to enjoy and learn more about art and art-making. I have to admit, I love seeing parents explain artwork to their little ones and hearing the interesting remarks that kids make in the galleries. Their comments are so honest and perceptive. My favorite part, though, is the activity that’s offered from 2-4 pm in the in the classroom on these days. I have volunteered for Third Saturday before and I love working with the kids and art. While I was volunteering for one of these activities a couple of months ago, I noticed how much the parents enjoy getting involved with artwork, too. It’s fun to see that even adults love creating art right alongside their kids, and sometimes get just as interested in the projects as their children.


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