Summer Internship Opportunities

Greetings from your UMFA Social Media Intern!

As many of you undoubtedly know, every semester the UMFA offers various internship opportunities where students work closely with a mentor from the Museum to further their skills and goals as well as those of the UMFA.

The UMFA offers three sessions of internships a year that follow the University of Utah’s semester based calendar: Spring, Summer and Fall. All interns participate in a series of group enrichments and are placed in a specific museum department for an in-depth experience guided by a museum professional who acts as a mentor and supervisor. Interns should expect to work on average 6 hours per week. Summer internships last 12 weeks, fall and spring internships last 15 weeks.

It is important to note that, unless otherwise indicated, internships DO NOT include a stipend. For summer internship opportunities, the application deadline is March 12th and applicants will receive notification of placement approximately one month after this time.

For a listing of available internships, as well as more complete information, please visit our Internship page on our website:

We’re all looking forward to another great semester!


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