Why I work at an Art Museum

By Jenny Woods

Okay – that title is misleading. There is no possible way I can explain in just one blog post why I work at an art museum. First of all, the reasons change daily (when I am running late in the morning it is because art museums are a bit more relaxed about clocking in at 9 am sharp. And when I am giving a tour to preschoolers it is completely about how their faces light up when we visit Ethnic Man on the balcony.) Secondly, I suspect that you, dear reader, are not that interested in the details of my moment of crisis as an undergrad trying to choose a major. I promise to spare you.

But here is one reason why I work at an art museum:

I get to see the exhibitions before they are open to you. Specifically I am there to make sure that that the exhibition is accessible to people with disabilities, but rest assured, I fully check out the art. Often I have the exhibition all to myself. It is bliss.

Yesterday, as I was doing my pre-opening walk through of the Trevor Southey: Reconciliation exhibition (opens Thursday!), I was not alone. Mr. Southey was also doing a pre-opening walk through and instead of solitude I had the chance to meet the artist. Mr. Southey was gracious and a delight to speak with, and it was a treat to meet him and discuss his beautiful exhibition. And so I add yesterday’s experience to my ever-growing list of why I work at an art museum.

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