Becoming a Masterpiece

By Brandi Beghtel

The wheel is spinning while hands form the clay into a masterpiece.  As I watch my life forming I am prompted to ask the question “am I the potter or the observer?”  While being an intern at the UMFA I have been able to mold another part of myself into the masterpi ece that I wish to become.  While the world outside is spinning I know that in here I am moving forward, being enlightened, and growing.

I started at the UMFA with hopes of confirming my recent choice to change my major from Marketing to Art History.  Being an intern allows me to work side by side with those that found their way to a career that they enjoy.  I get to hear their stories and learn about what career I want to pursue within the museum world.  My previous job searches felt like a shot in the dark and my motivation was just to pay the bills.  Now, I am finding a career that I would enjoy doing rather than waiting for the clock to strike 5:00.

For this internship, the specific area that I am working in is Campus Outreach.  I work with different campus organizations to find out what students want from their museum.  I also help get the word out for upcoming events at the UMFA.  There are plenty of student organizations that are searching for a unique experience for their members.  I listen and then brainstorm how the museum can help accomplish their goals.

Soon the opportunities and my willingness to learn from them will be the hands that mold me into the masterpiece I want to become.


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