4th Annual UMFA Staff Bake-Off Shenanigan

Traditions abound at the holidays and at the UMFA the annual staff Bake-Off Shenanigan is our favorite way to celebrate the season.

The rules are simple.  The entry must be fully edible, made by the UMFA staff members themselves and relate to the UMFA in some way. An outside judge evaluates each entry on tastiness, difficulty level and overall presentation and look. The winning team receives a gold (painted) spatula and bragging rights.

This year three teams competed and all three drew inspiration from current exhibitions. The winning entry was submitted by the Collections team. Their faithful recreation of Trevor Southey’s Sleep and Sleep in raspberry sour cream cake, chocolate frosting and molded chocolate was impressively similar to the bronze sculpture that inspired it.


Collections Team

bronze sculpture

Trevor Southey, Sleep and Sleep, 1988, Bronze, Courtesy of the Artist

The two remaining teams tied for second place with their creations. The Cream Puffs looked to Sophie Whettnall’s wall drawing for their inspiration. This flourless chocolate torte with cream cheese icing was as delectable as it was elegant. (To see a time lapse video of Sophie Whettnall creating the wall drawing, click here).


Team Cream Puffs

wall drawing

Sophie Whettnall, Untitled wall drawing (detail), 2010, Pencil on painted wall, Courtesy of the artist

Team Second Place was thrilled to be awarded second place for the 4th year in a row! This team also looked to Trevor Southey: Reconciliation for inspiration, but instead of attempting to recreate one of Southey’s pieces they imagined what a painting might look like if UMFA’s Ethnic Man had shed his blue suit and posed for a Southey painting. The shortbread Ethnic Man with butter cream frosting was delicious AND he managed to maintain some modesty.


Team Second Place

flight aspirations painting

Trevor Southey, Flight Aspirations, 1982, Oil on masonite, gift of M. Ray Kingston

ethnic man sculpture

Viola Frey (1933-2004), American, Ethnic Man, 1991, Porcelain, Purchased with funds from the Phyllis Cannon Wattis Endowment for the Acquisition of 20th Century Art

We would like to extend a special thanks to Romina Rasmussen from Les Madeleines Patisserie and Café, who served as the judge for this year’s competition.


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