What type of visitor are you?

Image of audio stop label

Among museum visitors there are audio guide enthusiasts and those who avoid (or even loathe) audio guides. At the UMFA we accept both types of visitors and respect your preference!

For audio guide lovers – be sure to check out our cell phone tour. Selected works of art have a small cell phone symbol on the label with a phone number and object number. Simply dial the phone number, enter the object number followed by the # key and listen to 2 -3 minutes of extra information. The cell phone tour stops are provided free of charge. You will use your cell phone minutes while you are connected. Out of minutes? Borrow an MP3 player from the front desk, or download the stops before your visit on our website at www.umfa.utah.edu/audiostops

For audio guide loathers – enjoy the freedom of wandering at your own pace and reading the information you are interested in. Or not. We promise not to force the audio guide on you!


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