Collecting Knowledge Wrap-up

Image of Collecting Knowledge ExhibitionOn Sunday we said goodbye to the Collecting Knowledge: Renaissance Cabinets of Curiosity exhibition. We were sad to see these fantastic prints and curiosities go back into storage. As a final wrap-up for the exhibition here is a list of comments that were left by visitors in the “What do you Collect?” book.  Enjoy!

  • I collect proverbial wisdom, socks, books, jokes, ticket stubs and parking tickets
  • I collect rings that I don’t wear, shoes, socks and pictures of family and friends
  • I collect legos, Indiana Jones stuff and drawings
  • I collect dog hair on my clothes
  • Me too!
  • Curious animal figurines from other places
  • I collect whiskey bottles, beer cans, cigarette butts and lucid moments
  • I collect dust but then I remove it
  • Purple stuff
  • I collect rocks, googly eyes, soccer balls and pieces of things that I think are interesting
  • I collect shoes and refrigerator magnets
  • I collect words
  • I have collected all of my children’s teeth and letters to the tooth fairy. A little morbid, I know, but I love their growth and sweet dreams of childhood.
  • Memories, friends, experiences, ideas, pleasures and treasures
  • Rubber duckies
  • Rocks
  • I collect vintage clothing and pop-up books
  • I collect horcruxes (I’m Harry Potter)
  • Good stories, debt, friends, ideas and things that need to be transformed into beauty

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