Gallery Transformation: The Installation of the Color Exhibition

The Color exhibition recently opened at the museum, and we were able to document the installation process. Over the course of three weeks the Emma Eccles Jones Education Gallery was transformed from a black box where salt 3: Cyprien Gaillard had been exhibited to its current colorful exhibition.

The gallery went from this:

Image of salt 3 gallery

The temporary walls that made the outside of the salt 3 black box.

to this:

image of color exhibition gallery

The entrance to the Color exhibition.

in just 12 easy steps!

1. Tear down temporary walls (sadly I was out of the office the day this happened, so no photos of step 1)

2. Repaint black walls white.

3. Paint color block walls and interactive magnet station.

painting the wall purple


interactive magnetic station

Interactive station with magnetic paint.

4. Once the paint is totally dry, Collections staff transport the works of art to the gallery and create a condition report for each object.

collections staff unloading artwork from a cart

5. All exhibition objects are set in place around the gallery. This allows the curators to adjust the display order, before the nail holes are made in the wall.

works of art leaning against the walls with curators talinkg in front of them

6. Curators consult with exhibitions staff on the placement of each work.

Exhibitions staff holding framed works of art at various heights for placement


7. Each work of art is securely mounted on the wall.

Collections and exhibitions staff on a Genie lift hanging framed artwork.

8. Once everything is hung, we make sure it is all level.

staff using a level to make sure a framed work is straight.

9. Time to get the interactive station up and running.

Education staff using magnetized versions of artwork on the interactive station

10. Labels and vinyl signage are mounted on the walls.

vinyl title signage taped to the wall. Panel label leaning against the wall

11. The lighting is adjusted to best illuminate the works of art.

12. The exhibition opens to the public!

color gallery photo


Color is on exhibition until January 8, 2012.


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