Bring your book club to the Museum

Adults touring the museum with a docentWe just launched a new touring program: Book Club at the Museum!

This program is designed for existing book clubs to read a featured book and then come as a group to the Museum to view art that relates to the book.  An online Discussion Guide is offered for each featured book to facilitate conversation at the book club meetings and to enhance the Book Club tour at the Museum. Trained UMFA docents will guide discussion-based tours which last approximately one hour.

Four featured books relating to the UMFA permanent collection are available, and often we will offer tours for a special fifth book relating to a temporary exhibition.

The current featured books are:
The Lost Painting: Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece
by Jonathan Harr
Strapless: John Singer Sargent and the Fall of Madame X
by Deborah Davis
The Madonnas of Leningrad
by Debra Dean
Memoires of Madame Vigée Lebrun
translated by Lionel Strachey

And a featured book for the LeConte Stewart: Depression Era Art exhibition is:
Cannery Row
by John Steinbeck (available until January 15, 2012)

See the UMFA website for more information at


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