salt 4: Xaviera Simmons opens Friday

Photograph of a woman standing in a desert landscape with a map

Xaviera Simmons, Maps, 2010, color photograph, courtesy Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York, NY.

salt 4: Xaviera Simmons
Opening November 18, 2011

Join us for the opening of salt 4: Xaviera Simmons, the fourth in the Museum’s series of exhibitions featuring innovative art from around the world. That evening at 7 pm, Simmons will discuss her artistic practice in a free public conversation with UMFA Chief Curator Jill Dawsey.

Through photography, installation, and performance, New York and Paris-based artist Xaviera Simmons constructs narratives of collective and personal histories. salt 4: Xaviera Simmons features a series of photographs and a large-scale sculptural installation made of hand lettered, locally sourced wood.

salt 4: Xaviera Simmons marks the debut of a permanent salt series gallery, as well as a newly rededicated space for the Museum’s modern and contemporary collection.


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