5th Annual UMFA Staff Bake-off Competition

Two teams participated in the 5th annual UMFA Staff Bake-off Competition this morning.  This event is traditionally held at the UMFA staff holiday breakfast and teams are challenged to present a baked good that in some way relates the the UMFA (an object, the building, a gallery, etc.). The entries are judged on tastiness, difficulty level and overall presentation.

Team Second Place (so named because they have taken 2nd Place in the first four Bake-off competitions) presented two entries, one inspired by the LeConte Stewart Exhibition:

Gingerbread house in LeConte Stewart StyleHere’s the painting they were sourcing for inspiration:

House by the Railroad Tracks by LeConte StewartAnd their second entry looks forward to a special exhibition planned for Summer 2012, Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile, and incorporates some Greek mythology with the inclusion of Leda from the Museum’s sculpture of Leda and the Swan.

Car shaped cake

Team Collections also looked to LeConte Stewart for inspiration with their detailed recreation of this painting:

Smith's House by LeConte Stewartin cake and gingerbread:

Gingerbread house on a hillThe judges had a hard time deciding.

Judges looking concernedBut eventually they awarded the Golden Spatula to Team Second Place! The first-time winners were stunned and elated and promised to frame the prize and display in prominently in the staff offices.


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