Need a Family Activity?

visitors viewing artWith the kids home from school and the in-laws still visiting, you need to get out of the house and do something! May we suggest the UMFA as your get-out-and-do-something destination?

mother and son using a backpack in the museum galleriesIf you have kids: Have you tried our family backpack program yet? The backpacks are free with admission from the UMFA Visitor Services Desk. Each backpack is focused on a gallery or theme and they can help calm wiggly bodies and give your family a deeper look at the Museum’s exhibits. The backpacks are full of activities, games and even art making projects for you and your kids to do in the galleries. They are a lot of fun for the whole family.

teen looking at exhibitionIf you have teens: What do teens like? Eating, shopping, and not talking to you, Mom and Dad! We can accommodate all three things at the UMFA. The Museum Cafe specializes in sandwiches, salads, pastries and coffee, while The Museum Store has an eclectic variety of things to browse through and buy at all price points. As for enjoying something in silence – museums are ideal for spending an hour or two side by side with no conversation required! We make no promises, but your teen might even be inspired to share something they particularly liked or learned on the drive home.

visitors listening to audio stopsIf your in-laws or other relatives are visiting: The Museum has Audio Stops available in both the permanent collection and special exhibitions like LeConte Stewart: Depression Era Art. Audio Stops are great for adults who may have different museum visiting styles. Your Mother in-Law can can listen and look her way through the LeConte Stewart exhibition, while your Father in-law reflects on world events of the past 40 years in David Burnett – Too Close.  Uncle George can hear about ancient Egyptian art, while cousin Sarah develops a new appreciation for contemporary art. Best of all, a visit to the Museum can provide countless new topics for conversation as you each share your experience, likes and dislikes with one another. You’re Welcome!


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