A Romantic Treasure Hunt

Portrait of a Young Man Weaving a Wreath of Flowers

Pierfrancesco di Jacopo Foschi (1502-1567), Italian, Portrait of a Young Man Weaving a Wreath of Flowers, ca. 1540, Oil on panel, Purchased with funds from the Herbert I. and Elsa Bamberger Michael Foundation, Museum # 1981.047

The art of love found in just seven works of art.

DATING…is sometimes difficult
Locate: The Music Party in the European, 17th and 18th Century gallery
Did you know… In art, the mandolin is sometimes a symbol for seduction.
Find: Besides the mandolin, what other instrument is shown in this painting?

DATING… is sometimes delightful
Locate: Elegant Couples Dancing in a Landscape in the European, 15th and 16th Century gallery
Did you know… It was once believed that the man on the left was Henry VIII, who was of course an experienced dater.
Find: Who is the artist?

DATING…sometimes takes a long time
Locate: Umamahesvara (Shiva and Parvati) in the Asian (India) gallery
Did you know… it took Parvati over 1000 years to win Shiva’s heart.
Find: What animal is Shiva riding?

Locate: The sculpture of Aphrodite in the Greek and Roman galleries
Did you know… Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, was said to have been born out of the sea foam.
Find: What animal is also sculpted with Aphrodite?

Locate: Portrait of a Young Man Weaving a Wreath of Flowers in the European, 15th and 16th Century gallery
Did you know… The red carnations are a symbol of marriage, but the blue bachelor button flowers tell us he is not married yet.
Find: How many blue bachelor buttons are in this painting?

Locate: Standing Man and Standing Woman in the Art of the Americas: Mexico and Central America gallery
Did you know… We know this couple is celebrating a marriage because of the items they are holding.
Find: What are each holding?

INTIMACY…involves seeing your partner naked
Locate: A work of art depicting someone in the nude
Did you know… In Ancient Greek statues only the gods were portrayed in the nude.
Find: What is the name of the nude work of art you found?

Happy Valentines Day! If you are still searching for the perfect gift for your artistically inclined sweetheart, be sure to swing by The Museum Store (open 10 am to 5 pm today). We don’t sell any stupid stuffed animals holding a heart that says “I Wuv U”, but if your sweetheart is an adult, with taste, he or she might enjoy:

Swell stainless steel waterbottle – rowboat red $32.00
Rothco Postcard set $9.95
Man Ray Postcard set $9.95
EARTH sticker $3.00
Modern Twist coaster set of four $20.00
Morse Code necklace- Sweetheart & Love $36.00
Sticky hearts vinyl sticker kit $19.97


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