A great week to visit the UMFA

View of The Faculty Show exhibitionIs visiting the UMFA on your to-do list, but you never quite get here? Well, delay no more because this is a great week to visit the UMFA. Not only do we have lots of fantastic exhibitions on display right now (George Rouault: Circus of the Shooting Stars, At Work: Prints from the Great Depression, The Faculty Show: Recent Work by the University of Utah Art Faculty, AND European, American, Native American, Egyptian, Greek and Roman, Indian, Oceanic and Contemporary art from our permanent collection) but it is also the University of Utah’s spring break! As much as we adore the U of U students, it is a bit easier to get around on campus when they are, um, gone. So no more excuses – the on-campus traffic is almost non-existent this week, the UMFA visitor parking stalls are easy to locate (technically this last statement is always true), and we have lovely art waiting for you (also always true).

In case you are still concerned about getting here, take a look at this map, which helpfully includes both visitor parking options next to the UMFA building (UMFA Stalls or Visitor Pay Lot). You could also consider riding TRAX and getting off at the South Campus Drive stop. The UMFA is just a short, downhill walk from the TRAX stop.

map of u of u campusSee you in the galleries!

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