A Goodbye, A Treasure Hunt, and A Hello

Well folks, this is my last blog post. I am leaving the bright and sunny Salt Lake valley for a decidedly wetter climate and an overseas adventure. Luckily for you, the UMFA blog will continue in new, capable hands (more about that later).

As I prepare to leave the Museum, I have been celebrating noisily with coworkers and having silent heart to hearts with some of my favorite works of art. So, to indulge my affection for some gems in the UMFA collection, today’s treasure hunt theme is: Jenny’s Favorites (hint: not all my favorites are currently on view, but you can always browse the entire collection in the UMFA’s Collection Database).

Can you find the following:

1. A lady without a face? This 15th century fresco sustained some damage but retained its charm.

2. A miniature ivory statuette that holds a scented secret? The rider’s head comes off and reveals a hollow interior, perfect for holding perfume.

3. Something a child could wear to a Chinese New Year celebration?

4. A painting of someone peeing? With charming depictions of vomiting, sword fighting and skinny dipping as well?

5. A knitting pattern, writ large and in stone?

6. An earthenware funerary statue symbolizing all the wealth you gained trading on the silk road?

7. An intricately beaded hat that your fowl friends will find irresistible?

8. The best-dressed dog in town?

9. A photo of a Brangelina-like couple from the 1920s? (Personal commentary – Brad Pitt’s got nothing on Rudolph Valentino).

Well, it’s been real, it’s been fun and yes, it’s been real fun! But now let me introduce you to the new UMFA blogger : Natacha R. (No, that’s not her real name. Privacy online is important, even to UMFA bloggers).

Anyhoo, Natacha R. will take over the blog next week, and you readers are in for a real treat, because Natacha R. is an actual Art Historian, unlike yours truly. Natacha R. also has a love of fashion, contemporary art, social media and dogs. I will let her introduce herself more fully next week, but I will say that we crafted her pseudonym after the beautiful Natacha Rambova (seen in the answer to question #9 above). Natacha Rambova was a Hollywood fashion designer married to actor Rudolph Valentino. Later in life she became an avid Egyptologist and a philanthropist, donating over 200 objects to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Rambova is the reason we have such an extensive collection of Ancient Egyptian objects. It only made sense to name our most glamorous and fashionable staff member after our most glamorous and fashionable donor! Please make Natacha R. feel welcome as she settles into the blog over the next few weeks.




One comment

  1. Cody

    I know the answer to number eight, because it’s one of my favorite paintings too! It’s Eisen’s “Le chien dansant.” Good luck in your new adventure, Jenny!

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