A Quiet Week (in honor of Jenny) and Hot Dogs

You may have noticed that this blog wasn’t updated last week. I figured after such an amazing introduction it was only fitting that the blog, and this new blogger, take a week to quietly celebrate the wonderful person who is Jenny.

I know you will all agree with me when I say I have some big, clownish, shoes to fill (I mean that in the nicest way possible). Although, I have never thought of myself as a blogger per se I do have a fondness for social media. I regularly update our twitter feed (UMFA on twitter). I also work in development (fundraising) for the UMFA and have happily filled-in in various other positions at this wonderful Museum. And although I am flattered, and my cheeks are still a little red from blushing over Jenny’s introduction, I really don’t take myself too seriously. On that note, so begins my first blog post…

Since many Utahns are a bit loopy on vitamin D (thanks to the unseasonably warm weather) I think it is only pertinent to write about my favorite season, summer.

For me summer is all about the hot dog (which is ironic because I am a vegetarian). Summer equals cookouts, and baseball games, and beaches, all of which often times contain a dog or two of the hot variety. So, when I think about summers and hot dogs simultaneously a very specific image pops into my brain – Hot Dog Bridge by Russell Talbert Gordon.

What memories or things do you associate with summer?

Image of "Hot Dog Bridge" by Russell Talbert Gordon

Russell Talbert Gordon, “Hot Dog Bridge,” 1974, lithograph


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