Devil’s Trill and Music in the Museum

This  Wednesday, October 17, the UMFA Book Club presents Gerald Elias, a former concertmaster of the Utah Symphony, who will be reading from his latest mystery novel, Devil’s Trill.

The writing of Gerald Elias echoes his passion for music, and takes readers on a tour through some of the little-known aspects of this world. Elias will be performing highlights from the music described in his book during this special multi-media event.

This brings to my mind the term ekphrasis, which refers to a rhetorical device in which one medium of art attempts to capture another–writing about music, for example, or painting about a poem. This process allows both artist and audience an opportunity to deepen their understanding, to examine in a new way. Consider: this poem along with its painting.

Artists have long strived to capture the power of music, whether by celebrating the musician, the instrument, or the dance. The UMFA has an incredible relationship with music, as highlighted in elements of our collection:

“The Musical Party (The Trio)” by Pieter de Hooch (1670)

Chokwe “Mukupela” Drum

Etienne de Lavallee “Anacreon, Sappho, Eros and a Female Dancer”

We are thrilled to continue this tradition with Gerald Elias. And mark your calendars for the latest installment of our Chamber Music Series, set for Wednesday, November 7th at 7pm.


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