I am grateful for: Land Art in the Marriott Library

To celebrate Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday!) I thought this might be a nice time to recognize something I am very grateful for:

We here at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts are always looking for ways to connect to our community both on campus and in the state of Utah. I am grateful for this. I am also grateful that such a wonderful step has been taken in this direction: we have hooked up with the J. Willard Marriott Library here on the campus of the University of Utah to put on an exhibition on the first floor of the library!

The Marriott Library is really our neighbor–the walk from door to door takes 4 minutes and 1.8 seconds (and yes, I timed it) (and yes, I was also grateful to have such a short walk).

photo by Iris Moulton

Have you been to the Fine Arts and Architecture Library? Located on the second floor of the Marriott, this library is home to an incredibly friendly staff, and a beautiful collection. They have a lot of material that compliments work shown at the UMFA, and is sure to satisfy any of your own curiosities about art.

As you may know by now, the UMFA is pretty star-struck and very happy to be hosting the work of Nancy Holt. The Marriott, too, is excited, and we teamed up to put on this gorgeous exhibition celebrating land art:

photo by Greg Hatch

Each case contains books and materials that consider the use of space.

photo by Iris Moulton

There’s a whole case dedicated to Nancy Holt’s Sightlines exhibition, on view now at the UMFA!

photo by Iris Moulton

What an exciting way for two art powerhouses on campus to team up and work together. I am so grateful to be a part of this team.

And, thankfully, it seems they feel the same way:

Such class!

Thanks, Marriott Library! And Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Before you’re too stuffed on stuffing and turkey, why not waddle over to see this exciting exhibition?

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