Celebrating the Winter Solstice: An Artful Afternoon

Picture 3

On Saturday, December 21, the sun will be in its southernmost position in the sky. And do you know what that means?

Artful Afternoon! I mean, Winter Solstice! I mean, both! Celebrate Utah’s winter wonderland and solstice with art making, science activities, and fun performances at the UMFA on December 15th at 1:00pm. This free family celebration will take place inside and outside of the Museum, so bring your winter clothes.

The good news: Saturday is set to be one of the nicest days this week. Perfect!

Image c/o weather.com

Image c/o weather.com

The winter solstice is rich with cultural significance, and hope: the hope that one will survive the famine months and make it through to spring.  The solstice marked the last feast before winter (and a practical way of saving food long-term, having slaughtered so many animals for the occasion). Don’t worry, the UMFA won’t ask that you use this occasion to store up all the Artful Afternoon-ing: we’ll be back in January!



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