<3 Happy Valentine’s Day from the Museum Store at the UMFA <3

Saint Valentine’s Day, like many other holidays beginning with the word saint, originated as a liturgical celebration observing the sacrifices of (turns out, several people by the name of) Saint Valentine. Sacrifices as in giving of oneself and also sacrifices as in giving of one’s head.

This holiday was spent with the usual piety and quiet reflection befitting most Saint Days until around the High Middle Ages, when it began to be associated with courtly and romantic love. It may seem like a leap to go from pious spiritual reflection to love, but only if you believe the two are unrelated, and it seems Saint Valentine provided that bridge for us to cross. It is said that he healed the daughter of his jailer, and before his execution passed a letter to her as a farewell: the letter read From your Valentine. 

Here’s where we come in:

We all know there is no better way to show romantic love than with the giving of gifts and sweets. So, enough of a history lesson, let’s shop:

Valentine's 2

Holly from The Museum Store recommends some of these great gifts

The Museum Store at the UMFA is a local business that carries unique gifts for any occasion. (Some of our favorites are pictured above!) Stop in and explore with us, and tell us below, what are you hoping for on this Valentine’s Day?

buy local first


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