TONIGHT: Campus Art Walk Event

Tonight at 5:00pm a really exciting event kicks off on the patio of the UMFA:

The Student Museum Advisory Council (SMAC) is hosting the first ever Campus Art Walk
today from 5:00pm-8:00pm!


The walk will take place on The University of Utah Campus and will kick off on the UMFA’s patio with refreshments and live music. Before guests begin the walk, SMAC will provide maps that highlight hidden works of art on campus. Who knew that the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building was home to a truly exciting work of contemporary, public art? (Come on the walk to learn more about it, and to see it in person!)

The walk will also feature the College of Fine Arts’ annual student art show, the Marriott Library Special Collections, and an art gallery in the Student Union.


See more over at The Daily Utah Chronicle.

The Campus Art Walk is free and open to the public–please join us for the fun!





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  2. Victoria Winsett

    So above it says April 11th – May 3rd. Are the art displays open today as well (Friday 4/17)? What time? Thanks.

    • umfablog

      Victoria, that was the information for the student art show in 2013, during our first campus art walk. The art displays around campus are accessible whenever the buildings are open, and the 2015 student art show in the Gittins gallery will be on view through May 8.

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