The UMFA is on Instagram!

Instagram is a free photo taking, editing, and sharing app that can be used on many mobile platforms, like smart phones and tablets.

A preview of the UMFA on Instagram

A preview of the UMFA on Instagram

As an avid Instagram user, I was so happy that I finally got to add the Utah Museum of Fine Arts to my circle of friends. Now, along with the photos of my friend’s new baby and my sister’s progress in her vegetable garden, collection highlights and behind-the-scenes images from the UMFA are a part of my daily life.

But probably the best part is that anyone can take photos of their time at the museum, and tag us or use hashtags like #umfa to instantly become a part of our Instagram identity. And we hope you do!

If this sounds like something you’d like, download Instagram on iTunes or from the app store on your mobile device. Then follow us (user name: utahmuseumoffinearts), and comment, ask us questions, and “like” your favorites! It’s a great backstage pass.

You can preview some of our images here


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