UMFA Joins the Clear the Air Challenge

The TRAX line that takes me from downtown Salt Lake to the UMFA

The TRAX line that takes me from downtown Salt Lake to the UMFA

The UMFA has officially joined many of our University colleagues and other organizations throughout the valley to participate in the Clear The Air Challenge, which takes place during the month of July (this month!)

According to the Utah Division of Air Quality, if all drivers living along the Wasatch Front were to park their cars just one day per week, vehicle emissions would be reduced by 6,500 tons per year. The Clear the Air Challenge invites Utahns to take a proactive role in improving our air quality by finding alternative means of transportation for the month of July.

You can join the challenge—and our team!–by visiting   and clicking the “Take the Challenge/ Register Here” button. When you Create a New Account, select the option for Join a Team and you can select Utah Museum of Fine Arts from the drop down menu. We’d love to have you on our team!

On your Clear the Air profile you’ll be able to record any time you use an alternative means of transportation (or even things like shopping online instead of driving to a store, or “trip chaining” when you run errands). The only requirement is that you live in Utah. Just remember to record your hours, and help all of us keep Utah’s air a little cleaner.



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