Happy 4th from the UMFA

Harry Taylor. "American Heritage Series (Lincoln)." Woodcut. 1970

Harry Taylor. “American Heritage Series (Lincoln).” Woodcut. 1970

Wahoo! It’s the 4th of July! And you know what that means, right? It’s the day that Ottoman sultan Mehmed VI ascended to the throne in 1918! Hooray! Wait. That’s not it… oh, right! It’s the anniversary of the 362 BC Battle of Mantinea, in which the Thebans, led by Epaminondas, defeated the Spartans! Wow. How will you be celebrating– or… wait…  Of course! On this day in 1817 in Rome, New York, construction began on the  Erie Canal.

Actually, all of those things are true, but that’s not why we here at the UMFA are celebrating (and taking a day off–the museum will be closed). We’re celebrating the independence declared by the United States of America (in the Declaration of Independence).

We hope you have a fantastic holiday full of BBQ, swimming, family and friends, and reflecting on all that this country has given us, and all that we can give back. The UMFA will reopen on Friday– talk about “pursuit of happiness”! (Plus: we have air conditioning)

We wish you a very, very happy Independence Day! And… the anniversary of when Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was published and birthday of Calvin Coolidge.

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