Chamber Music Series: Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 30


Tolstoy once said, “Music is the shorthand of emotion.” Picasso said,“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 

Tomorrow night (Wednesday, October 30th from 7pm-8pm) is the next installment of our Chamber Music Series, a chance to wash dust off your soul while rocking out to some incredible music.

In this ongoing series, visitors are invited to experience the harmonious and spontaneous convergence of music and art as students from the University of Utah School of Music gather in the galleries to perform both classical and modern repertoires.

Chamber-of-Music-OCT-2010_41 copy

An evening at the Chamber Music Series is a chance to experience the space of the museum and the work in our collections in a new way. Listening to the music as it fills the galleries, the act of looking at art is transformed. The UMFA provides suggestions about art to pair with each musical piece, but there is no doubt that other work will coalesce with the moment. One of the best parts is uncovering new connections to what’s on the walls.

"Stormy Seascape." Pieter Mulier the Elder, Dutch

“Stormy Seascape.” Pieter Mulier the Elder, Dutch

Visitors will hear two movements of Beethoven’s “String Quartet No. 6 in B-flat Major, Op. 18” performed by the O.C. Tanner String Quartet (Jasmine Campbell, violin; Tara Anderson, violin; Joshua Lohner, viola; Bryn Boogert, cello), one movement of Mozart’s “String Duo No. 1 in G Major, K. 423” (performed by Hanna Kim, violin; Paisley Tarboton, viola) and two movements of Brahm’s “String Quartet No. 1 in C minor, Op. 51” as performed by the Mount Olympus String Quartet (Danielle Lewis, violin; Wu Bo, violin; Staci Armstrong, viola; Steven Farr, cello).


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