This Friday at the UMFA: FoCA Event


Which artwork on view now at the UMFA will be added to the permanent collection? Friends of Contemporary Art play a crucial role in the decision (and you can become a friend!)

Utah Museum of Fine Arts presents the Annual Friends of Contemporary Art Acquisition Dinner this Friday, November 1, at 6:00pm. This is a chance for FoCA members to mingle with fellow contemporary art enthusiasts, and to cast a vote for this year’s addition to the UMFA’s permanent collection.

The Friends of Contemporary Art are dedicated to supporting modern and contemporary art at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, while cultivating and encouraging the efforts of private art collectors. In return, FoCA members enjoy extraordinary opportunities for exclusive and intimate experiences with world-class art and renowned leaders in the field.

“FoCA provides me with a broad research network,” says UMFA curator Whitney Tassie. “There are so many amazing artists producing work today, it would be impossible for me to locate them all on my own. FoCA’s vetting process brings new artists to my attention ever year.”


from left: work by Daniel Everett (courtesy the artist), Kate Gilmore (courtesy David Castillo Gallery), and Xaviera Simmons (courtesy David Castillo Gallery)

Tassie explains that together as a group, FoCA narrows down the pool of artists to find those best suited for our local community and for the UMFA. “FoCA’s process is integral to my research and helps me fulfill a collecting goal of the institution,” she says.

And this Friday is a truly exciting event. The continual shaping of our collection is what creates our identity as a museum, so we are abuzz with what the evening might bring.

The work under consideration is currently on view in the Great Hall at the UMFA, and will be until November 18, 2013, so we invite everyone to come in and spend some time with this work.

It isn’t too late to play a more formal role in the process: you can join FoCA at several levels, but this dinner is for FoCA supporters at the Council Level, which means a donation of $250 or more. If you’d like to have input in this acquisition, it’s not too late to join and attend Friday’s event!


from left: work by Daniel Everett (courtesy the artist), Kate Gilmore (courtesy David Castillo Gallery), and Xaviera Simmons (courtesy David Castillo Gallery)

“FoCA’s commitment to acquiring the works of emerging contemporary artists matches the UMFA’s goal of supporting promising artists early in their career, when they need the most support,” says  Tassie. “Together with our salt exhibition series, this annual acquisition shows how we truly value the work of living artists.”


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