Art is 100 and a New Year at the UMFA

The New Year at the UMFA will be met with new work in the galleries and lots and lots of new events! It’s an exciting time around here, and we know you’ll love what we have going on.

You may have noticed a few of our New Year’s changes happened right away on our social media outlets, namely the introduction of an image proclaiming that “Art is 100”

Art is 100: celebrating 100 years of collecting art on campus.

Art is 100: celebrating 100 years of collecting art on campus.

That’s because 2014 marks 100 years of collecting art on the campus of the University of Utah: in 1914, the U began to display a small collection of artworks (and cultural artifacts) in a gallery on top floor of Park Building. This collection would eventually become the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, which opened in 1951 in same Park Building gallery space. We opened in our current building in 2001.

This anniversary is the perfect chance for us to thank everyone who’s made the UMFA possible: our visitors, our members, our donors, and our community. But we’re not going to be doing this once: we’ll be doing this all year.

Our celebration of 100 years of collecting art on campus will see a highlights wall in our lobby featuring artwork that helps to tell a key part of our story–and we’ll feature some of those pieces on this blog, too! A timeline will also run along the cafe wall profiling the history of the museum. I don’t want to spoil the surprise (and a future post announcing this!) but we’ll also have a community label project in our galleries to illustrate the role of art in people’s lives. And there will be several parties!

So, let this be just the first of many chances to say thank you. You’ll be hearing that a lot this year.


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