Celebrating Our Volunteers: Meet Chelsea Thompson

Happy Volunteer Week from the UMFA! National Volunteer Week began forty years ago with an executive order by Richard Nixon, and was designed as a way to recognize and celebrate the efforts of volunteers. The week also presents a chance to raise awareness about the importance of volunteers in our community, and hopefully inspire more people to get involved.

President Obama said just a few days ago of the role of volunteers, “By performing acts of service, we can shape a Nation big enough and bold enough to accommodate the hopes of all our people. Across our country, volunteers open doors of opportunity, pave avenues of success, fortify their communities, and lay the foundation for tomorrow’s growth and prosperity.”

And we at the UMFA have seen this in action through our wonderful, dedicated volunteers. We’d like to take some time this week to recognize some of these fantastic people, and let’s start today.

Meet Chelsea Thompson: Weekend Docent

Chelsea Thompson, Weekend Docent, smiles in front of "The Whirlpool Naruto in Awa Province, after Hiroshige" by an unknown artist.

Chelsea Thompson, Weekend Docent, smiles in front of “The Whirlpool Naruto in Awa Province, after Hiroshige” by an unknown artist.

What do you like most about volunteering at the UMFA?

Every time I come in, I find something new and different. So I’m constantly learning more about things I thought I was knowledgeable about.

What is your favorite work of art at the Museum?

That’s hard, actually! I think I like the Impressionist, Japanese-inspired wood print, “The Whirlpool Naruto in Awa Province.” I’d really noticed it before, but when I looked at it more I thought it was fun to think of a student painter copying an entire wood block print.”


Thanks, Chelsea, for all that you do!

And readers, tell us in the comments: Where do you volunteer?


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