Celebrating Our Volunteers: Meet Ruth Ann Gardner

Happy Volunteer week! We’re excited for another opportunity to recognize some of the fantastic people that give so much to their community through their work at the UMFA. Dedicated readers of our blog might remember this volunteer from earlier entries about the conservation of textiles. Collections Volunteers working on the Textile Project have helped create condition reports, clean, and safely re-house 270 textiles in the UMFA collection!

Meet Ruth Ann Gardner

Ruth Ann Garner, Collections Volunteer for the Textile Project

Ruth Ann Gardner, Collections Volunteer for the Textile Project, pictured with Jennifer Ortiz, at work on a textile on our collection

What do you like most about volunteering at the UMFA? I like being able to work with pieces that people don’t usually see; stuff that is behind the scenes. I like doing that. I like working with the people, it’s a fun environment. What is your favorite work of art at the Museum? Of the textiles that I’ve seen with the textile project, last week was very fun. We worked on Flemish tapestries which was cool. Being able to work with stuff like that, that you normally wouldn’t get a chance to do is pretty neat.

 Thank you, Ruth Ann, and all of our volunteers!

Readers, tell us in the comments: how have you seen volunteers improve your community?


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