Celebrating Our Volunteers: Meet Richard Harmston

Weekday Docents guide thousands of k-12 students kids through the Museum each year. That is a lot! With their help, the UMFA is able to reach many, many students, and we are so proud to be able to bring art into their lives. It wouldn’t be possible without the tireless dedication of volunteers like Richard.
Meet Richard Harmston, Weekday Docent
Richard Harmston surrounded by Utah students

Richard Harmston surrounded by Utah students

What is your favorite thing about volunteering at UMFA?
I think the opportunity to share something that I love with people that I love. I am a grandparent; I love kids and I love art. The two go together!

What is your favorite work of art in the Museum and why?

My favorite work of art? Well, that varies! I think my favorite at the moment is the Helen Frankenthaler piece: WizardI’m just intrigued by it because it appears to be a figure and it appears not to be. It is both abstract and concrete to me. Just her technique of painting from the back of the untreated canvas and letting the colors bleed through is such an interesting effect. And I think she’s a major American artist and has influenced so many people. I think it’s one of the best pieces the Museum has in Contemporary Art and I’m so glad I’m here to see it.


Thank you, Richard!

Readers, tell us in the comments below: How has your relationship with art changed since you were young?




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