sneak peek | salt 10: Conrad Bakker

Yesterday afternoon, I took part in my first “final walk-through” at the UMFA. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was excited regardless… Getting behind-the-scenes looks at incredible artwork and sneak peeks of new exhibitions will never get old.

salt 10: Conrad Bakker gallery walk-thru.

salt 10: Conrad Bakker officially opens tomorrow, September 12, but we had to make sure the installation was going to be ready for today’s Exhibition Preview, which beings at 4 pm. (Followed by Artist & Curator in Conversation at 5 and a Reception at 6.)

We discussed what still needed to be done to complete the installation, as well as how security would deal with museum visitors trying to touch the artwork–a serious likelihood given the tactile quality of Bakker’s work, as well as the seemingly haphazard (but actually very intentional) manner in which the pieces are arranged.

(Remember, please don’t touch. Even the trashcan in the corner of the gallery is a work of art!)

photo 2

While we went over the final touches and made sure everything was on schedule, I went a little iPhone camera crazy… But hey, can you blame me?

photo 2 (2)

After determining that the installation would indeed be ready for its unveiling, we couldn’t resist taking a closer look at the “books”.

photo 4

From a distance, you could easily mistake Bakker’s pieces for actual books. When you get up-close, you see the exquisite detail that goes into each individual artwork made of wood and paint.

For salt 10, Bakker has installed 320 works from his ongoing Untitled Projects series to mirror the aesthetics of a library–and to add a local touch to the installation, the pieces are based on books from Spiral Jetty creator Robert Smithson’s personal collection.

photo 3 (2)

The installation also has an online component in which visitors can purchase pieces from Bakker (check out UNTITLED PROJECT: ROBERT SMITHSON LIBRARY & BOOKCLUB or use one of the order forms in the salt gallery).

The walk-through ended with staff members picking out which titles they might want to order–so don’t wait too long to check out this exhibition or your favorites may already be claimed!

salt 10: Conrad Bakker will be on view at the UMFA through February 8, 2015.


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